How to Pass the Time While in Quarantine?

With quarantine as a new normal, it is time for us to know how to handle being inside. Keeping inside our home is excellent, but filling time can be so hard with the onset of summer. A lot of fitness gyms are temporarily closed, movie theaters stop their operation, beaches and malls are risky, and there is a COVID 19 running wild. Worry no more, as here is what we can do to pass the time during the quarantine.

Get a New Pastime

It doesn’t if it is learning a musical instrument or beginning to draw; having a new pastime is vital to releasing quarantine pressure. Perhaps it is the best time to know that new language finally. Yes, we might be on a temporary lockdown; we might as well learn a new skill or talent while having the time.

Play Online Games

Video games are only for nerds, which was before. Per gaming and adult online games is without a doubt a reasonable way of passing the time during the quarantine and you can view their top list here. Invite your friends to play your favorite online games. You would be astounded how much this activity with friends or loved ones can relieve anxiety brought by quarantine.

Try Outdoor Activities

Being outdoor is a remarkable way of breaking the cycle of boredom brought by quarantine. Gardening is an effective way of lifting your spirits too. There are microbes present in the sold that have the same effect on our brain as Prozac, minus the harmful effects and chemical dependency. Playing tennis in your backyard is fun, and still, be maintaining a physical distance between you and other players. A walk-in itself can lift your mood and all-around feel-good workout or exercise. You will sleep better and take pleasure in a healthy appetite and improve feel-good chemicals in your brain.


This might be the perfect time to try some new recipes and experience the fun and excitement of cooking. Baking a chance to make delicious and healthy desserts you and your loved ones can take pleasure in. Everyone loves the cook, so this can be a good way to show your loved ones how much you care, getting all their thankfulness in return. 

Online Classes and Activities

This might be the perfect time to take benefit of online lessons. There are a lot of free …

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